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Dine the rustic way

Dine the rustic way

MAYA DA DHABA offers authentic Punjabi cuisine, with a dash of country charm ‘Dhaba’ is one of those Indian words that has made its way...
From menu to venue, Maya Da Dhaba does it all

From menu to venue, Maya Da Dhaba does it all

Now, the great menu of Maya Da Dhaba comes with a great venue too! You can host all your celebrations at Maya’s new function...

Spice Out: A new ritual

Spice Out 2015 is a tribute to the foot soldiers of Indian food in Melbourne Australia’s culinary landscape has changed dramatically over the last two...
Indian restaurants in Australia

The complete food experience- Nilgiri’s

No curry in a hurry for Chef Ajoy, he wants you to savour every flavour At Nilgiri’s, owner and chef Ajoy Joshi leads his diners...
soprofile mantra

Step into Bollywood- Mantra Style

Experience India at its exclusive best, Kamasutra prawns included Bollywood has become an integral part of Indian culture and touches the life of every Indian....

A Waterfront Delight — MANJIT’S @ THE WHARF

Tradition with a twist—Manjit’s @ The Wharf The Manjit's team takes its 30 years of culinary whiz and magic to a new venue at King...
soprofile vegedelight

On the cutting edge of veg

Vege Delight is all about making sure every guest feels spoilt for choice Being a vegetarian can be quite restrictive when you decide to dine...

Just the right tempering at Raavi’s Cumin

A restaurant that celebrates the seed that packs power into every Indian dish Coming from a fine lineage of chefs and restauranteurs, chef and owner...
Shekar Mani Saravanaa Bhavan

Kachori collection!

With its chaat menu, Saravanaa Bhavan opens up a whole new way to delight tastebuds Saravanaa Bhavan has always been synonymous with authentic vegetarian South...

Salt shaker

Padam Vyas on how Himalayan Salt can make all the difference to an Indian meal Padam Vyas is CEO and Owner of Himalayan Salt, a...