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Anjappar throws open its doors down Under

It was in 1964 that Anjappar threw open its doors to the public with its first restaurant in Chennai, showcasing Chettiar cuisine at its finest. Today, with more than 30 outlets across India and the world, Anjappar still is the pioneer in bringing the food of the Chettiars, known for their impeccable taste.

Chettinad is a region in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu state, 20 miles to the west of the coastal line of Bay of Bengal. History has it that Nattukottai Chettiyars were persuaded and encouraged by the King of 13th century Pandyan dynasty to settle down in the region which later became known as Chettinad.

The cuisine specialises in non-vegetarian food with richly ground spices (never readymade but always made by hand). Apart from their rich spicy gravies, Chettinad cuisine is also famous for the fact that the cuisine uses almost every seed, fruit and legume that can be conceived of. Root to stem eating, a modern day trend in the food world, was something the Chettiars were masters of centuries ago.

The basic dishes are essentially South Indian such as dosais, parotas and idiappams and the Anjappar restaurant to maintain authenticity imports chefs from Karaikudi, one of the towns in Chettinad, known for their expertise in cooking.

Over the years, Anjappar has become synonymous with Chettinad cuisine. While in the first few years, the restaurant’s owners decided to keep their brand in the southern region of India, they soon realised their fan-base extended all over the country and overseas. And thus was born Anjappar overseas. Anjappar Restaurants have preserved the culinary traditions and served as one of the most outstanding ambassadors of Chettinad cuisine.

Try their famed gobi 65 (spicy cauliflower nuggets) or their Chettinad pepper chicken, two signature dishes of the restaurant.

Anjappar’s new branch at 1087 Stud Road, Rowville will be opening soon.

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