Just the right tempering at Raavi’s Cumin


A restaurant that celebrates the seed that packs power into every Indian dish

Coming from a fine lineage of chefs and restauranteurs, chef and owner Ravi Gandhi heads the team at Raavi’s Cumin. Chef Ravi has many laurels to his name and is very well known in the elite culinary circles in India. He has not only featured as part of India’s top 20 Master Chefs and cuisine experts in various publications, but has also been the President of the Association of Hotels And Restaurants for three consecutive years. He has pioneered the creation of the first-ever ‘Low Calorie Punjabi Food’ menu. After successfully managing ‘The Punjab Group’ for 20 years, Ravi decided to bring the taste of authentic North Indian styled cuisine to the Sydneysiders and serve it with style and sophistication. Through his fine cooking skills and specialist recipes he expects his diners to be able to ‘Taste the Indian Experience’.

Raavi’s Cumin emphasises, as the name suggests, the humble cumin seed. When asked why he decided to name his restaurant cumin, Ravi says, “It is the first spice that is used to temper any North Indian dish. Though an unassuming small seed, the cumin is packed with flavours and is an integral part of Indian cooking. It is used in gravies and grills, rice and dal, vegetables, meat and bread.”

By combining modern cooking techniques with traditional recipes, the restaurant provides an elaborate array of fine authentic chicken, beef, lamb, seafood and pork curries. Even the vegetarian diners will not be at a loss for choices.

Raavi’s Cumin is anything but run-of-the-mill and Ravi heads a kitchen that respects the traditions of North Indian styled cooking. Murg Peshawari is a cumin speciality as this award-winning recipe was created by the chef himself. The Sheekh Kabab Masala and Maachi Rarra are two other innovative masterpieces created by the chef. The restaurant has been showered with many accolades.

Raavi’s Cumin has had the privilege of being a finalist for four years in the NSW Sydney Metropolitan Awards for Excellence as deemed by Restaurant & Catering, the industry’s peak body. The restaurant also won DIMMI Diner’s Choice award in 2015. Raavi’s Cumin epitomises the taste of an authentic Indian curry, subtle, yet packed with flavour, everything just tempered right!

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