A Waterfront Delight — MANJIT’S @ THE WHARF


Tradition with a twist—Manjit’s @ The Wharf

The Manjit’s team takes its 30 years of culinary whiz and magic to a new venue at King Street Wharf with stunning harbour views and an ambience that’s alive with possibilities. Behind the open display kitchen and tandoor ovens is the domain of chef – Varun Gujral.

Following the family tradition spanning over a century, Varun has created a menu that takes Indian cuisine to dizzying new heights. Never before have Indian spices played the exciting roles that Varun has carved out for them in his new cuisine. Supported by his dynamic team of chefs from different regions in India, he conjures up delicacies that both surprise and delight diners. Case in point – the Shanabuk with Seventeen Spices. The juicy scallops are served in a large platter, where a mix of 17 different spices is sprinkled in the middle. You can then spice up your scallop the way you wish by dipping it into the mix! In the words Varun himself: “Most people view Indian food as a heavy, spiced up cuisine that leaves little to the diner. At Manjits @ The Wharf we have created a new, deconstructed concept of Indian food. We want to involve the diner in the cuisine, and what better way than to let people pick their own spice for their scallop?”

Manjit’s @ the Wharf serves some of dishes that have been tried and tested and thoroughly savoured by the diners at Balmain, but with a splash of modern flavours and presentation techniques. The Hadi Wala Lamb in Balmain has been reincarnated as the Lamb Shoulder Anarkali at The Wharf. The presentation of the food reflects the elegance and sophistication of the stunning harbourside location, with the favourite Fish Malai being served on an artist’s palette coloured with infused oils.

The 200 seater space provides the perfect venue for weddings, birthdays and corporate events with menu options that are just as breathtaking as the views! The USP of Manjit’s @ the Wharf is their ability to create fusion menus that both surprise and delight guests as they take in the spectacular sights of Darling Harbour and the Powerhouse Museum. Whether it’s a cocktail-style engagement party, or a seated wedding ceremony with a beautiful mundap on the balcony, there’s no where else in Sydney that combines culinary magic with stunning water views.

Be it a romantic dinner for two, a family affair or a grand celebration, Manjit’s @ the Wharf is well equipped to make very event an absolute stand-out. Driven by imagination, innovation and the desire to exceed all expectations, the Manjit’s team pulls out all stops in creating the very best events for their clients.

Looking to celebrate your next milestone with flair, sophistication, stunning views and inimitable cuisine? Look no further than Manjits @ the Wharf!

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