A Delicious Meal —MANJIT’S @ BALMAIN


One of the oldest restaurants in Sydney, Manjit’s Balmain has always been the go-to place for traditional North Indian cuisine

Manjit’s Indian Restaurant at Balmain has been around for more than 30 years. Having the distinction of being the oldest Indian restaurant in Sydney that is still running, the name Manjit’s is associated with excellence – in the departments of food, catering and event management. Diners who have been eating out at Manjit’s for 20 years and more laud the consistency in the taste of the food offered.

The secret – their inimitable attention to detail, and the personalised efforts of the entire Manjit’s team. The cuisine is predominantly traditional North Indian and is a local favourite in the culturally significant suburb of Balmain. The menu at Manjit’s is elaborate and there are a few client favourites, one of them being the Khanne Eh Khas, which is a full chicken marinated in Manjit’s special spices and smoke roasted. The menu offers some fantastic banquets, ideal for tables of two or more.

The ambience is one that blends culturally with the rich historical setting of Balmain, with beautiful images depicting the Khajuraho monuments in India dorning the walls. A fresh jazzy tune lights up the atmosphere, offering a modern contrast to the traditional food. The staff are friendly and warm, with intimate knowledge of each and every dish, effortlessly offering up the daily specials and chef favourites on the menu.

The restaurant aims to use local produce, enhancing the flavour of the vegetables and the fresh seafood that Balmain is so famous for. It’s a refreshing take on Indian food that is lighter on the oils and spices, and heavier on fresh flavour!

Manjits also runs cooking classes for aspiring and seasoned cooks, introducing them to the pleasures of Indian cooking. While learning to about the most popular dishes, you can also learn about intriguing Indian spices, dispelling the myths around Indian cooking.  These classes are a great corporate team building exercise, or a fun way to spend an evening with the family as you taste the delicacies you have just prepared.

With 30 years’ experience in the business of creating culinary magic, the team at Manjit’s goes about their business with style, elegance and zero stress. Manjit’s Indian Restaurant at Balmain is open seven days, and is licensed as well as BYO. Nothing speaks as loud as the fact that for over 30 years, it has been the gem of the Balmain peninsula and has delighted customers whether they are local regulars or have travelled from far to come and taste the Manjit’s Magic. Consistency is the key to growth and success and Manjit’s restaurant at Balmain is a testament to that.

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