Send and receive bitcoins on WhatsApp

Now you can send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) via messaging platform WhatsApp thanks to the Lite.Im bot. The move aims to...

What makes Coincentric among Australia’s fastest growing crypto exchanges?

The crypto industry has grown very rapid. The very nature of cryptocurrency, where finance and technology meet together without any centralised body governing it...

StakeCube launches crypto exchange

The launch of the exchange together with a robust road map for 2019 makes StakeCube one of the most interesting projects to invest in StakeCube's...

Creation of an attention economy for ethnic press

Since the beginning of last year, we’ve been dabbling with the idea of introducing tokens as rewards for our readers and enabling the creation...

Will the fire ever burn out for P3T Daily ROI game?

A new Dapp built on Tron Blockchain is catching everyone’s attention. You can recoup your initial investment in 30 days, double your money in...

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