Bitcoin 101 from Zebpay CEO

Heard about Bitcoin? Curious about what it is and why the world is going crazy about it? Is it a bubble? or is it...

What drives a Bitcoin investor?

Bitcoin investors are generally thought of as younger people, but the truth is that the average investor is 45 years old, and the average...

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra may not launch in India

Facebook’s much-hyped cryptocurrency Libra may change the way payments are made across the globe, but reports are that India plans to steer clear of...

Facebook jumps into cryptocurrency game with Libra

Facebook has revealed the white paper for its much-hyped cryptocurrency Libra, and released the testnet for its blockchain, which the company believes will kickstart...

Indian call center gang scams US citizens out of money, bicoins

A gang from India’s Madhya Pradesh state, reported to have cheated US citizens of hundreds of thousands of dollars through Bitcoin and other methods...

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