Wyndham City to create 500 career opportunities by 2021

By Our Reporter

Wyndham City council is poised to create 500 career and training opportunities for unemployed young people in Wyndham by June 2021.

Wyndham City Mayor Mia Shaw said the Western region had one of the State’s highest youth unemployment rates and Council was about to tackle it head on with the development of a Social and Economic Inclusion Framework and practical initiatives, thanks to a $1 million State Government grant, announced in August last year.

“This project aims to improve economic and social cohesion for young people and their families in Wyndham who are experiencing disadvantage,” Cr Shaw said.

Part of the plan, she explained, includes the establishment of a Social and Economic Inclusion taskforce to provide employment and education pathways for people facing barriers.

The taskforce brings together business, community and government representatives to look at solutions to engage people in work or education.

“We have a diverse and ever-growing population of young people and a lack of connections and networks often stifle their success,” Cr Shaw said.

“With an expanding economy we have plenty of opportunities on the horizon, Wyndham has a bright future, and this taskforce will help find the right people to fill vacant positions in the growing job market. Our taskforce will ensure all of our young people thrive in Wyndham by actively listening to their needs and putting them in direct contact with people who can offer employment or training and education opportunities.”

Cr Shaw said  the new programs will present a tangible way for employers to get to know potential employees and understand their unique skills and talents and consider on the job training or apprenticeships.

“Young people seeking employment, training and education can also learn what opportunities are available and how to become engaged with them,” Cr Shaw said.

“We have a number of supporting organisations, including North Melbourne Football Club’s The Huddle, and Wyndham Community and Education Centre who are working to deliver specific programs for young people.”

Have your say: https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/Social-economic-inclusion-framework


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