Magic on the menu

By Our Reporter

This progressive Indian molecular gastronomy restaurant serves up levitating fairy floss

Levitating plates, cold and hot smoking and theatrical liquid nitrogen presentations among other gastronomic techniques but most importantly, a whole lot of jaw-dropping interactive entertainment—Punjabi Fusion is a brand new progressive Indian fine dining restaurant, with an emphasis on molecular gastronomy, that takes Indian cuisine to a rarely seen level. Essentially Australia’s answer to the world famous Gaggan, one of Asia’s top restaurants, this progressive Indian molecular gastronomy restaurant is a refreshing disruption in the Sydney food scene. Punjabi Fusion, in Millers Point will completely transform your perception of Indian food, taking you on a culinary journey that delights the senses.

Punjabi Fusion serves exquisite and experimental reinterpretations of classical Indian favourites. Utilising food science to transform flavours and presentations, Punjabi Fusion indulges you in a dining experience that surprises and entertains like no other.

Hailing all the way from India, executive chef Vijay Prakash, who has worked alongside a string of famed celebrity chefs, heads up the kitchen, armed with a progressive Indian menu. In his most recent role at the 5-star JW Marriott Hotel group, Vijay was responsible for cooking an extensive range of cuisines from over 18 different countries.

Chef Vijay does not believe that certain flavours should be relegated to a single cuisine and instead prefers to merge flavours and create unexpected new experiences for his diners. Vijay’s offering is homage to his culinary background, marrying food science with traditional Indian cooking. Vijay believes that food should be seasonal, crafted, intuitive and innovative.

The Chef degustation menu, where you can choose between 3, 5, 7 or 11 courses, is designed to take you on a journey to different regions of India. The overall degustation experience is full of delightful surprises from start to finish.

Begin your experience with an aperitif of strawberry, prosecco foam and black salt rim. Next, the theatrics begin as you are presented with a seasonal amuse-bouche (a tiny bite sized appetiser to start your meal) served over a smoking plate.

A not to be missed appetiser is the Galauti Kebab—a tender, melt in your mouth dish specially curated for a toothless Indian King dating back to 16th century in Lucknow India. You can now try this ancient recipe for yourself exclusively at Punjabi Fusion! Before your main course, you’ll be treated to a delightful palate cleanser of white wine, orange and basil sorbet.

For mains choose from Punjabi Fusion butter chicken with activated charcoal garlic naan or Angus beef steak with aloo tadka cake, asparagus and Kasundi mustard sauce. Dessert looks like beetroot and carrot pudding with a scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream topped with red plum caviar. End your experience on a highnote with the show-stopping levitating plate of Paan cherry fairy floss (yes, levitating – you read that right).

Wrap things up with a smoking Apple and Ginger Blossom digestive with Candied Ginger, that warms the insides and helps to soothe the stomach. In addition to the progressive food offering, you’ll be able to order your meal off a touch screen iPad, helping to give you a visual understanding of your order before it hits the table. At the bar, there is a focus on premium drinks, with plenty of wine labels from around the country and across the world. Punjabi fusion offers drops from Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy specially handpicked to compliment your meal. There is also an array of bottled beer, signature and classic cocktails up for grabs, including a Fusion Mojito with white rum, passionfruit, chilli mint and Lemonade or a refreshing Cucumber Sour with gin, cucumber, lime and egg white.

Punjabi Fusion interiors boast all the traditional refinements of a top Sydney restaurant, with tables of crisp white linen, velvet seating, impeccably attentive and well-dressed staff and a chef-curated 3, 5, 7 or 11 course degustation menus paired with matching wines.

For those not looking to stray from the usual classics, Punjabi Fusion also offers traditional Indian favourites from the A La Carte menu like Butter Chicken and Biryani.

An intriguing, enthralling and mesmerising exploration of progressive Indian cuisine, this breakthrough restaurant proves that Indian food can be incredible. A true feast for the senses, your Punjabi Fusion experience is sure to be a memorable one and is a must try for all food aficionados!


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