Feel the Tan chi


The Michael Tan dance troupe — an ethnically Chinese community group –comprises “happy Wyndham residents” who sing and dance to enrich their lives. Most of the troupe members are recent immigrants and founder Michael Tan says they gather every week to celebrate and preserve Chinese culture.

This August, you get a chance to watch them perform several dances at the India Day Fest. First among the dances is a folk number “Ji Siang Yao” (meaning lucky), which is traditionally performed to welcome honoured guests from afar or simply to wish people luck and success.

South Asian Food Festival

The second dance will feature the traditional Chinese costume – ChiPao or “cheongsam” was created in Shanghai in 1920. This stylish and body-hugging dress demonstrates the style, elegance and grace of Oriental women. The troupe promises a mini Chinese cultural fest on stage, so here’s a show you don’t want to miss.

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