Indian Restaurants in Australia

Indian restaurant sydney, Melbourne

Indian Restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia

Interstingly around 15.7 %  of Indians formed  the largest source of permanent migration in Australia as per report of 2011-2012.Indians are one of the fastest and largest growing communities in Australia today with most of them settling in major cities like Victoria, Sydney, Melbourne.

When we have one of largest population of Indians settling in Australia every year, it’s obvious that Indian food has a major role to play in Australia and that what has been realized. And yes, Indian food is quite popular in Australia with  variety of Indian restaurants spicing up Australian cities with their Tandoori meals. Butter Chicken is very popular. Indian restaurants and takeaways in Australia have introduced Aussies with some well-known  Indian delicacies like Veg Korma, Jasmine Rice, Jewelled Rice, Curry flavoured potatoes with peas samosas, Mango or Rose Lassis, Naan Bread, Fried lambs and Crunchy Papad.


Indian Restaurants in Melbourne                                                                                  

Anjappar opens in Rowville, Melbourne

Anjappar is one restaurant that every foodie in Australia must try out. The intense tastes and the aroma will surely make you a big fan of this world famous and give you more reasons to fall in love with South Indian food all over again. Established in Chennai in the year 1964, Anjappar is the pioneer in bringing the foods of the famed Chettiars to the people world around. Read More


After taste of ‘the brainy tongue’, Canberra chef heads to Azurmendi

Chandna, who shot to fame through the ‘Meet the Chef’ dinner events, which he was part of in his role as Executive Chef, University House at Australian National University in Canberra. After garnering years of experience working with leading celebrity chefs in Australia like Paul West (River Cottage), Adam Liaw (MasterChef), and Matthew Evans (Gourmet Farmer-SBS),Read More



Old spice, new setting

It was in 1964 that Anjappar threw open its doors to the public with its first restaurant in Chennai, showcasing Chettiar cuisine at its finest. Today, with more than 30 outlets across India and the world, Anjappar still is the pioneer in bringing the food of the Chettiars, known for their impeccable taste. Read More


Indian restaurants in Australia

The complete food experience- Nilgiri’s

At Nilgiri’s, owner and chef Ajoy Joshi leads his diners into an ethnic Indian culinary journey for in his own words he is “on a mission to dispel the myth that Indian food is no more than “curry in a hurry”. He enjoys taking his diners through the nuances of Indian cooking, making it a complete food experience. Read More


Dine the rustic way

Dine the rustic way

MAYA DA DHABA offers authentic Punjabi cuisine, with a dash of country charm.Dhaba’ is one of those Indian words that has made its way into the English dictionary, defined as an Indian road side food stall. That is what a dhaba originally was –  a rustic structure characterised by the presence of charpaais or wooden cots and a plank of wood placed across it to serve as the table.Read More



Just round the corner- Khana Khazana

The Ponds is one such new suburb and Khana Khazana is a new Indian restaurant that opened in here last year to cater to the culinary needs of those who love Indian cuisine.Sydney, Australia’s largest city and the country’s economic capital, is fast growing with more and more people choosing to settle in this global city. Read More


Indian Restaurants in Sydney                                                                                       

Just the right tempering at Raavi’s Cumin

A restaurant that celebrates the seed that packs power into every Indian dish.Raavi’s Cumin emphasises, as the name suggests, the humble cumin seed. When asked why he decided to name his restaurant cumin, Ravi says, “It is the first spice that is used to temper any North Indian dish. Read More


Spice Out Dosa in Australia

Idly, dosa and some wine?

Shekar from Saravana Bhavan and Mark Arnold from Winetrust Estates are trying to create a wine list for south Indian veg cuisine.  Read More

soprofile vegedelight

On the cutting edge of veg

Vege Delight is all about making sure every guest feels spoilt for choice.Being a vegetarian can be quite restrictive when you decide to dine out. And if you are a vegan the choices become even more limited. Read More


Indian restaurants in Melbourne

A slice of South India

South India has a hot, humid climate and all its states are coastal. Rainfall is abundant and so is the supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and rice. Hence one will find that most South Indian cuisine is rice based. There are varieties of rice preparations starting from the humble curd rice, to lemon rice and rice seasoned with coconut, peanuts, tamarind, chilies, curry leaves, urad dal and fenugreek seeds. Read More



Pure, simple and just a little different

The word ‘Khalsa’ means pure and this according to Kanwaljit is what makes Khalsa Foods a little different from the rest of the restaurants. So what does ‘Khalsa’ symbolise and how has Kanwaljit Singh and his team incorporated this in their cooking and service styles.Read More
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