More than just cosmetics


Saira Jamil is the new kid on the block: she is the face of the new South Asian entrepreneur in Australia. Young, ambitious and clearheaded about what she wants, Ms Jamil has the knowledge, qualifications, talent and energy to make her business a success. Her newly-opened and impressive Jia’s Laser Clinic on Werribee’s Cherry Street is a sign of the seriousness of this slowly but steadily growing entrepreneurial class among South Asians.

Ms Jamil intends to attract a South Asian clientele to grow her business. With this niche in mind she has invested in state-of-the-art technology engineered and designed for South Asians who want cosmetic solutions specific to their unique needs. Ms Jamil intimately understands the needs of her market, and has the training and experience to make her business a great choice. She claims that her services are very cost-effective and competitively priced.

Saira Jamil has an impressive array of qualifications from south Asia, England and Australia: a degree in medical lab technology, a diploma in medical management and medical marketing, as well as qualifications from the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy. Apart from cutting-edge laser technology and a nice salon, Ms Jamil is also promoting her business through all the usual strategies of advertising and marketing.

Saira Jamil is married to Mohammed Jamil Qureshi, who operates his own trucking business, and has two children. Mr Qureshi has been in Australia 12 years now.

Ms Jamil feels that England’s market for south Asian businesses is more vibrant, although she is confident of the local market’s potential for her business.

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