Perth Pitches ‘The West Test’ — cricket with a twist!

By Our Reporter
The West Test Hill: 'This isn't just any seating area; it's a carefully curated space that combines the historic charm of the WACA Ground with Perth Stadium's modern flair'

In an invigorating revamp of Australia’s cricket spectacle, Western Australian cricket is set to bowl over enthusiasts with a rebranded and thrilling stadium experience dubbed ‘The West Test’, courtesy of a fresh partnership with NRMA Insurance. This strategic play is more than a name change; it’s an overhaul aimed at hitting the sweet spot between sport and entertainment, pitching the Perth Stadium into the global spotlight.

The NRMA Insurance West Test at Perth Stadium is another notch on the sports calendar; it’s a vision to recast Western Australia as the crucible of cricketing excellence and entertainment. As the ICC World Test Champion Australians gear up to face Pakistan, the call to action for fans is clear and catchy: #FillTheHill. But what exactly is ‘The West Test Hill’? Imagine a triple-tiered cricket-watching haven, accommodating up to 500 patrons within the grandeur of Perth Stadium. This isn’t just any seating area; it’s a carefully curated space that combines the historic charm of the WACA Ground with Perth Stadium’s modern flair.

Cricket Australia (CA) and NRMA Insurance are batting for a better fan experience, with ‘The Hill’ offering shaded seating and a family area complete with children’s games. It’s an innings break with a difference, where cricket isn’t the only drawcard. Fans can bask in the ambience and amenities of ‘The Hill’, making the first Test match of the summer about more than just the on-field action.

The inclusivity drive doesn’t stop at fan comfort; it extends to harmonising the women’s and men’s games. The CommBank Women’s International Series Test match between Australia and South Africa too will sport the ‘West Test’ moniker, cementing a consistent branding across state venues for both iterations of the game.

Joel Morrison, CA’s General Manager, Events & Operations, is poised to elevate Perth’s international cricket events, stating that ‘The West Test’ will marry elite on-field performances with an exceptional stadium experience. Morrison’s vision is to rekindle the historic Australia-Pakistan rivalry and mark the season’s onset with an event that mirrors the dynamism of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

WA Cricket CEO, Christina Matthews, reinforces this sentiment, emphasising the local pride that ‘The West Test’ will engender. With ‘The Hill’ marking a transformative step for men’s Test cricket, Matthews underscores the commitment to showcase Western Australia’s state-of-the-art facilities and the distinctive cricketing experience they offer.

Michelle Klein, NRMA Insurance’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, reflects on nearly a century’s dedication to Australian communities. For Klein, partnering with ‘The West Test Hill’ is an extension of NRMA’s commitment to community aid. By honouring the WACA Hill’s heritage and introducing a family-friendly space, NRMA is pitching a perfect game where families can create lasting memories against the backdrop of exciting cricket matches.

As the NRMA Insurance West Test opens its gates for cricket aficionados, it’s evident that this event is more than a series of matches; it’s a cultural pivot, a celebration of community, and a tribute to the sport’s enduring legacy. With tickets now up for grabs and live broadcasts slated across Foxtel, Seven Network, and Kayo, ‘The West Test’ is all set to be a grand slam in the annals of Australian cricket. Whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan or a family looking for a day out, Perth Stadium’s ‘The West Test Hill’ promises an experience that transcends the boundaries of the traditional game. Get ready to be bowled over!

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