15th IFFM Awards Night: Early bird tickets out now

By Our Reporter

The excitement is building as the 15th annual Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) gears up for its much-anticipated Awards Night, set to dazzle audiences at the iconic Palais Theatre on August 16, 2024. Early bird tickets for the star-studded event are now on sale, offering a 20 per cent discount for eager fans.

Celebrated as a pinnacle of Bollywood glamour, the IFFM Awards Night promises an unforgettable evening filled with glitz and talent. Renowned filmmakers, Bollywood luminaries, and a constellation of celebrities will grace the occasion, highlighting some of the finest cinematic achievements of the year.

With seven award categories, including honours for outstanding storytelling and cinematography, the gala is set to showcase the best of Indian cinema. Spectacular dance routines and musical performances by local artists will further elevate the enchanting atmosphere of the event.

Tickets for this prestigious night are available starting May 10th at 9AM AEST on ticketmaster.com, offering cinephiles a chance to secure their seats at a discounted rate.

In addition to the Awards Night, IFFM is thrilled to announce the opening of entries for the IFFM Short Film Competition, themed ‘All Our Voices.’ Embracing diversity and inclusivity, the competition encourages filmmakers to explore narratives that amplify marginalized voices and address pressing social issues. Submissions are accepted via FilmFreeway until June 15, 2024, with the winner set to be unveiled during the Awards Night.

Moreover, the highly anticipated IFFM Dance Competition, scheduled for August 17th, invites dancers of all styles and backgrounds to showcase their talent and compete for exciting prizes.

Festival Director Mitu Bhowmick expressed her excitement, stating, “The IFFM Awards Night is always a special celebration of the greatest stories in Indian cinema. This year, we celebrate our 15th year and can’t wait for everyone to come together for a fabulous night.”

IFFM 2024, scheduled to open on August 15th, will feature an array of events including the Indian Independence Day Celebrations, IFFM Opening and Closing Nights, special screenings, and engaging discussions, promising an enriching cultural experience for attendees.

IFFM stands as the Southern Hemisphere’s largest celebration of Indian cinema, showcasing over 120 films in more than 20 languages. With a focus on cultural exchange and storytelling, IFFM presents a diverse tapestry of South Asian narratives, enriching audiences with cinematic gems from across the globe.

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