Cairns caught in a cultural carnival: Indian Independence Day celebrated

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Cairns burst into a mix of colour and emotion on 13 August, as GOPIO Cairns Inc. marked India’s Independence Day with grandeur. But this vivacious gathering wasn’t merely a celebration of freedom that set the city’s heart aflutter. It also signalled the formal inauguration of the GOPIO Cairns chapter, illuminating a fresh path for connectivity and unity among the Indian diaspora in the region. The blend of patriotic fervour and cultural display truly turned Fogarty Park Esplanade into a kaleidoscope of vibrant traditions, leaving an indelible mark on Cairns’ cultural tapestry.

With Fogarty Park Esplanade dressed in a splendid ceremonial vibe, the day’s events began with the majestic unfurling of the Indian and Australian flags. As the national anthems played, stirring a collective sentiment of pride, the scene was set for a memorable gathering of unity and culture.

The inauguration of the event was graced by Umesh Chandar OAM from GOPIO International. The distinguished guest’s words served to highlight the integral role such chapters play in fostering cultural exchange and unity among people of Indian origin.

Aju J Mathew, the Joint Secretary of GOPIO Cairns Inc., welcomed the attendees with elegance and introduced the team leading the chapter, including:

  • Subash Chetry – President
  • Dr. Suresh Kesavan – Vice President
  • Manish Mathew – Treasurer
  • Gurdip Singh – Asst. Treasurer
  • Jess Kumar – Secretary
  • Jatinder Singh – Executive Member

President Subash Chetry’s poignant welcome speech was not only a note of gratitude but also an insightful glance into the purpose of GOPIO Cairns Inc. In his words, the chapter aims to bridge the geographical and opportunity gaps in Cairns and connect the community with a wider global network.

“Independence Day is not just a date on the calendar but a testament to the unity, resilience, and indomitable spirit of a nation,” President Chetry eloquently stated.

Over 200 people, including eminent personalities, participated in the event. A lively cultural showcase featured mesmerising performances like the Bhangra and Bharatnatyam dances, a symbol of India’s rich cultural fabric.

The event, supported by Cairns Regional Council and Mahindra, and spiced up by SpicyBite Restaurant, concluded with heartfelt thanks from Jessica Kumar, the Secretary of GOPIO Cairns Inc.

As the echoes of celebration continue to resonate, the inaugural Independence Day ceremony and the formal launch of GOPIO Cairns Inc. undoubtedly etch a vibrant mark on Cairns’ cultural landscape. It’s a spirited start, but for GOPIO Cairns, the journey has just begun, and the future looks promising as the chapters of cultural collaboration continue to unfold.

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