A decade of diversity: Member for Thuringowa lauds India Fest’s cultural extravaganza

By Nick Attam
Aaron Harper MP at India Fest event // Pic supplied

As India Fest Townsville Inc. gears up for its 10th anniversary, Aaron Harper, Member for Thuringowa, has extended his hearty congratulations to this annual celebration that encapsulates the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

“It’s truly remarkable to witness the growth and success of this event over the past decade,” Harper expresses with a sense of delight. Emphasising on the transformative journey of India Fest, he affirms the festival’s integral role in fostering unity and harmony within the community.

With the picturesque Riverway precinct serving as the perfect venue, Harper praises the festival’s ability to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, creating a beautiful confluence of multicultural festivities. “I am particularly delighted that India Fest continues to be held at our picturesque Riverway precinct, which serves as a perfect venue for celebrating multicultural festivities. The festival’s ability to bring people from all walks of life together is truly commendable, fostering a sense of unity and harmony within our community.”

Aaron Harper MP seen here with Mayor Jenny Hill // Pic supplied

Extending his good wishes for the forthcoming celebration, Harper looks forward to another grand showcase of cultural diversity. “Here’s to another magnificent celebration, and I wish India Fest Townsville Inc. continued success in promoting cultural diversity and enriching the lives of all those who participate.”

These warm words from a local dignitary reflect the community spirit that India Fest inspires year after year, marking it as a celebration that extends beyond the Indian diaspora and embraces the wider Townsville community.

India Fest Townsville 2023 is scheduled for 26 August at Riverway from 10am to 9pm. More info here.

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