Australia’s first assisted dying law begins review after four years

By Our Reporter
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The legally required review of the first four years of the nation’s first voluntary assisted dying law has now begun, with a final report due by the end of 2024.

The review will not consider any changes to the legislation.

It will instead evaluate the systems, processes and practices which underpin the operation of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act including safeguards and protections, equity of access, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board’s role and functions and the Department of Health-commissioned Statewide Pharmacy and Care Navigator services.

Those engaged in voluntary assisted dying, including doctors and families, will take part in a consultation process to gauge how voluntary assisted dying is operating since its introduction, an official press release.

The review will be conducted by the Centre for Evaluation and Research Evidence and will apply recognised methods, practices and ethical guidelines throughout the evaluation process.

Since its introduction in June 2019, the voluntary assisted dying law has given eligible Victorians a dignified and compassionate choice at the end of their life, giving them the support and care they deserve in their final moments.

Victoria has led the way on voluntary assisted dying laws, with the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act coming into effect in 2019. In the years since, all other states have followed our lead.

Only Victorian adults who have an incurable, advanced and progressive medical condition and who have decision-making capacity can access voluntary assisted dying.

Once the review concludes in 2024, the final report will be tabled in both Houses of Parliament, the release added.

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