Savour the Spices: Indian Festival returns to Queen Vic market

By Our Reporter
Foodie Trails Indian Festival 2018 // Pic supplied

The much-awaited annual Indian Festival is all set to return to the iconic Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne on the winter weekend of 12th and 13th August.

Organised by FT Events, this vibrant celebration promises a delightful fusion of delicious winter warmer flavours, captivating performances, and an energetic atmosphere that will leave visitors mesmerised.

Despite Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, the festival will be held under the cover of the iconic C & D sheds at the Queen Vic Market, ensuring that nothing dampens the spirits of attendees. Festival-goers can revel in the festivities while sipping on a cup of traditional chai and indulging in hot, mouthwatering curries.

This year’s Indian Festival will offer an enticing culinary journey through the diverse regions of India. Along with all-time favorites like butter chicken, visitors can also explore a variety of regional Indian cuisines and fusion flavors that will tantalise their taste buds.

From Babaji’s Kerala Kitchen’s famous dosas to Chilli Express’s tandoori specials, and Gujrati Street food from Melbourne da adda, attendees will have an array of culinary delights to choose from. And to satisfy the sweet tooth, Desi Kothi Ice Creams will be offering a delicious range of kulfis.

Himanshi Munshaw Luhar, the Chief Foodie at FT Events, says, “The Indian Festival Melbourne is going to be such a great experience. We have been working closely with community partners in putting together a day that the whole family can enjoy.”

Pic supplied

The festival will not only be a gastronomic delight but also a visual and cultural treat. The main stage will feature a dynamic lineup of performances over the two days, ranging from traditional Indian Bharatnatyam to the high-energy Masala Bhangra.

Attendees can also look forward to dazzling Bollywood dance performances and workshops, keeping them on their toes throughout the event. Ateev Dang, the rising star of Indian comedy in Melbourne, will host the festival as the MC, having previously debuted the Shuddh Desi Comedy, the first-ever Hindi comedy show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Beyond the culinary and cultural extravaganza, visitors will also have the opportunity to shop for Indian giftware, jewelry, spice mixes, and sauces, adding a touch of India to their homes.

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The Indian Festival at Queen Vic Market is undeniably a highlight on the festival calendar this year and an event not to be missed for anyone seeking an authentic and immersive Indian experience. Whether it’s the tantalising food, mesmerising performances, or the vibrant atmosphere, the Indian Festival promises to delight visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

So, mark your calendars and be prepared to embrace the spirit of India as Queen Vic Market hosts the much-anticipated Indian Festival on the 12th and 13th of August. From spicy curries to spicy dance moves, this event is sure to leave everyone saying “balle balle” with joy.

The event is free.

Fast Facts
  • The Indian Festival Melbourne
  • Date : Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th Aug 2023
  • Time : 10 am to 4 pm
  • Venue: Queen Victoria Market  (C&D Shed) enter via Peel Street

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