Victoria set to introduce digital driver licences for motorists

By Our Reporter
Representative image // Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

Motorists in Victoria will soon have the option to carry their driver’s licence on their phone, thanks to a digital driver licence trial in Ballarat. The trial will be followed by a statewide rollout in 2024.

The new technology will give motorists the choice to store a secure digital version of their driver licence in the popular Service Victoria app or soon-to-be-launched my VicRoads app.

From June, full licence holders in Ballarat will be able to sign up for the pilot through the Service Victoria or VicRoads websites before the trial begins in July, with those who register progressively invited to add a digital version of their licence to their phone, an official press release said.

Following extensive work by the Labor Government, the card will feature superior security features—with the licence updated in real time in response to any changes such as new licence conditions or a change of address.

Digital licences will automatically reveal if a licence has been revoked or suspended but will still be available for use to prove identity or age when it is not active.

The licence has a highly secure, timed QR code that can be scanned by licence validators such as police, businesses and other authorities to verify authenticity and prevent fraudulent use.

Accessibility and security of personal information is the highest priority. During the Ballarat trial, feedback will be sought from motorists, retailers, licensed venues, Victoria Police and places where a licence is used as proof of identity.

The initial pilot is for full licence holders and won’t change the obligation for L and P plate drivers to carry their physical licence with them at all times. Drivers will still have the option to use their physical licence.

In anticipation of a statewide roll-out, the Government will also begin engagement with key business and industry leaders to make sure Victorian workers and businesses are well prepared.

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