Victoria marks 1,000 home milestone

By Our Reporter
Representational Photo by Samuel Ryde on Unsplash

The Andrews Labor Government is providing vulnerable people with the dignity of a roof over their head, delivering more than 1,000 new homes across Victoria through a program helping to break the cycle of homelessness.

Minister for Housing Colin Brooks today marked the significant milestone, with 1068 homes having been built right across Victoria under the Building New Homes to Fight Homelessness program.

These new builds for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness provide the security and safety of a home for those who need it most, where they need it.

They have been built in areas of high need—with the milestone 1000th home constructed in Horsham.

Women and children experiencing family violence and other vulnerable people at risk of or experiencing homelessness have moved into or are getting ready to move into new homes.

The Labor Government announced Building New Homes to Fight Homelessness in 2018, with construction starting in December 2019.

Minister for Housing Colin Brooks said:  “Everyone deserves the safety, security and dignity of a home  – and we know a place to call home provides a solid foundation for life. ”

The $469 million program will deliver more than 1440 new homes and has been rolled into the landmark Big Housing Build—the biggest single investment in social and affordable housing by any state or territory.

Other areas to have properties delivered under the program include Geelong, Ballarat, Maribyrnong, Wangaratta, Darebin and Moreland.

All homes built under the program are modern and energy efficient with a minimum 7-star energy rating. This means more comfortable and cost-effective homes that are easier to cool in summer and keep warm in winter.

The Labor Government is now well past the halfway milestone of its $5.3 billion Big Housing Build, with more than 7,400 social and affordable homes completed or underway across Victoria.

This includes more than 1,700 properties that have been completed, with people either moved or getting ready to move into their new homes.

“This program has now delivered more than 1000 new homes for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness,” added Brooks.

“These homes have been built right across Victoria, helping break the cycle of homelessness and providing social housing to those who need it most, where they need it.”

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