Transplant Australia Dinner achieves $90K milestone

By Our Reporter
Light a Life - Body Buddies Fundraiser for Transplant Kids will be held on May 11

Transplant Australia, Body Buddies, and HASA join forces to support organ donation awareness and pediatric transplant recipients.

In a display of solidarity and generosity, the upcoming Transplant Australia Fundraising Dinner has surpassed all expectations, raising an impressive $90,000 in support of organ donation awareness and pediatric transplant recipients. This collaborative effort, spearheaded by Transplant Australia, Body Buddies, and the Healthcare Awareness Society of Australia (HASA), promises to make a significant impact in the lives of transplant recipients and their families.

Body Buddies, recently certified as a Social Traders social enterprise, is dedicated to fostering positive social change through engaging plush toys and interactive health education. With 50 per cent of their profits pledged to Transplant Australia, Body Buddies aims to amplify the voices of organ donors and recipients while advocating for increased organ donation rates.

HASA, established in 2018, has been instrumental in raising awareness about health-related issues and dispelling myths, particularly within multicultural communities. Their efforts, including multilingual health awareness sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic, have been invaluable in promoting accurate information and breaking down stigmas.

The fundraising gala dinner, to be held on May 11, will be attended by esteemed guests including Hon Ged Kearney, Assistant Federal Health Minister, Hon Natalie Hutchins, Women Minister, and Natalie Suleyman, Small Business Minister, aims to secure vital funds for Transplant Australia and Body Buddies’ collaborative project. This project focuses on developing educational resources and support programs tailored for pediatric transplant recipients and their families.

“With approximately 100 children in Australia undergoing life-saving transplants each year, the need for specialized resources has never been more critical. The project includes the creation of engaging educational materials, expansion of successful pilot programs like the Transplant Parent Peer-Support Group, and the establishment of a dedicated online resource hub for pediatric recipients,” said Dr Raj Khillan, President, Healthcare Awareness Society of Australia.

Transplant Australia, a national charity providing crucial support to transplant recipients, donor families, and healthcare professionals, has been the beneficiary of Body Buddies’ fundraising efforts over the past three years. The success of this partnership shows the power of collaboration in making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by organ transplantation.

Details of the event can be found here.

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