KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Show your love and care this Christmas by gifting botanical treasures with Bare for Bare Christmas sets. Bare for Bare’s body and bath products promises to deliver the finest quality with close to 100% natural botanical ingredients. The natural apothecary is carefully infused with choice 100% pure essential oils to deliver soothing aromatherapy and relaxing benefits. The Bare for Bare luxury body care experience is Mother Nature’s embrace, returning to the bare basics of the healing powers of botanical treasures.

Gift Botanical Treasures with Bare for Bare Christmas Sets

Bare for Bare is also cruelty-free – none of its products is tested on animals and contains no animal by-products. Even its bottles are biodegradable.

The 2022 winner of “Best Body Care” (Lavender and Camomile Body Lotion and Wash), Beauty and Wellness Awards, awarded by Beauty Insider, now lets you sample all the body-pampering goodness in five affordable bundles, each below RM100. The Mini Twin Pack (RM19.80), which contains two travel size (60ml) bottles of either body or hair care, are perfect for gift exchange on a budget. The Yin Yang Set (RM32.80) comprises of a botanical hand cream and a free 80g botanical soap – perfect for pampering tired hands. Triple Indulgence (RM68.70) lets you experiment with three botanical hand creams in four variants – red rose, lavender, rosemary, and green tea. And if you want to try all of the above, the Abundance Set (RM99) has full-size body shower and lotion (300ml) and comes with free and cream and botanical soap in a beautiful gift box.

Get your Bare for Bare Christmas gift sets today – currently only available on their website,

About Bare for Bare

Designed in Singapore, Bare for Bare is purely inspired and formulated with natural and botanical ingredients in every product to give you the best of nature, while being kind to Mother Earth. Bare for Bare offers a range of affordable luxurious products made from the highest quality ingredients to pamper you endlessly and suit your every need, helping you unwind and relax. Each product is richly formulated and infused with bespoke combinations of essential oils, giving you the most uplifting and pampering body care, hair care, and skin care regimen.

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