Transporta employs’s Live Fleet Tracker to increase GPS accuracy for real-time updates


Incorporation of’s advanced IoT solutions allows Transporta to provide a holistic transport management system (TMS) for Indonesia’s small-business truckers

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In their pursuit of empowering the country’s largely-manual small business trucker industry, Indonesia-based Transporta has announced the adoption of’s Live Fleet Tracker. From today, users of Transporta’s Transport Management System (TMS) can monitor fleets and share tracking information directly in real-time regardless of location or GPS service provider, alongside their operations and management tools to provide a more transparent and efficient service for end-users.

Emma Hartono, Chief Operating Officer of Transporta with Danny Jiang, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of
Emma Hartono, Chief Operating Officer of Transporta with Danny Jiang, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of

The transportation management system co-developed with can improve the financial governance of businesses, provide travel route optimization, improve security, digitize record-keeping and workforce management to bring SMEs more significant competitive advantages in the logistics market. The upgrade will also offer real-time shareable fleet monitoring.

The impact of the pandemic has led to a need to rethink supply chains. As a result, companies operating in the Indonesian trucking industry are looking to integrate technological advancements to improve service and operations. Central to this is a need to incorporate GPS fleet management data alongside operational data to create a holistic business view.

“The decision to partner with on creating a complete digital solution for the logistics industry was an easy one. Their reputation in AI IoT management in the industry places them clearly in the lead. For the first time, users can manage their fleet and business in real-time at one of the lowest price points in the industry, providing significant benefits to SMEs looking to digitize on a limited budget,” said Emma Hartono, Chief Operating Officer of Transporta.

Subscription to the new GPS feature is charged at IDR 120,000 per day per fleet. The fee includes device rental, connectivity, and platform integration with free setup and installation.

Future additions for the one-stop platform include capital flow management, directories, client portals and integration with regional eCommerce platforms.

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About Transporta

Transporta is an Indonesia-based transport management system aiming to revolutionize the transportation industry with an end-to-end, centralized cloud platform that helps trucking companies maximize the speed of daily operations, truck utilities and profitability

About is an Indonesian-based tech startup founded in 2016. Its enterprise-ready IoT solutions help businesses track inventories, field workers and fleets in real-time.

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