“Smart Start with JULO” Encourages Indonesia to Move Forward


JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — COVID-19 pandemic that invaded since March 2020 has impacted Indonesia on a large scale. Facing new normal, JULO launched “Smart Start with JULO” campaign to motivate Indonesians to stay productive during this uncertain situation. JULO as a fully licensed microlending provider has disbursed unsecured loans to 350,000 individuals across Indonesia since they were established 4 years ago.

JULO launched “Smart Start with JULO '' campaign to motivate Indonesians to stay productive during this uncertain situation.
JULO launched “Smart Start with JULO ” campaign to motivate Indonesians to stay productive during this uncertain situation.

PT JULO Teknologi Finansial (JULO) offers digitized personal loan up to 8 million rupiah to serve millions of underbanked Indonesians. Being a fintech player initiated by Indonesians and created for Indonesians, JULO feels the urge to encourage society rising from the economic downturn that hit during the pandemic COVID-19. In this campaign, JULO collaborate with five inspiring figures from various background, namely Dimas Danang (actor), Galabby Thahira (singer), Wanda Omar (Content Creator-Musician), Keke Genio (Content Creator-Business) and Ken Kurniawan (Chef & Entrepreneur).

JULO together with the five public figures want to spread the positive message on how to be productive in the middle of unfavorable conditions. The Indonesian P2P Fintech lending continuously educates customers on responsible lending practices where borrowers are advised to take a loan wisely according to their needs, and not according to their wants. With 8 million loans from JULO, borrowers are encouraged to use it for good purposes for instance school tuition fee, business capital, and healthcare. There might be struggles during the pandemic, but it doesn’t mean the end of the road. Use JULO loan smartly to earn extra income during uncertain times.

Head of Marketing JULO, Mikhal Anindita, states, “JULO believes Indonesia shall go through this crisis and rise up stronger. Smart Start with JULO is the way we share some encouragement and inspiration to the public. Whatever situation you are facing, whichever background you come from, it is now time to rise and start pursuing a better future. As a local P2P Lending, JULO is committed to provide financial access, particularly to the underbanked, and eventually to keep the economic wheel moving.

Keke Genio, a young entrepreneur and inspiring content creator is one of the collaborators in #SmartStartwithJULO campaign. In this campaign, Keke shares some ideas on starting a business. “It’s getting easier to start an online business, market the product, and generate profit with only a few million-rupiah capital in this digital era. And it is indeed a privilege for us to easily access additional capital from fintech like JULO to start business nowadays.”

Hundred thousand of JULO customers come from various segments, including salaried workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers all over Indonesia. As a fully licensed P2P Fintech, JULO is going through continuous improvement on product and services to better serve more Indonesians. Together with government and industry associations JULO is on a mission to achieve financial inclusion across Indonesia.

About JULO

JULO is a digital lending company that is revolutionizing access to financial products for millions of emerging consumers in Indonesia. The Company has developed the first digital data-driven credit underwriting and risk assessment platform to process consumer loan applications and determine their creditworthiness using its mobile app.

Founded at the end of 2016, JULO has expanded nationwide. JULO is based in Jakarta and is backed by leading venture capital firms. JULO has officially licensed as a lending service provider under OJK circulation No KEP-16/D.05/2020 on 19 May 2020.

JULO has been downloaded by more than 1 million users and distributed loans to hundred thousand of customers. JULO has won several awards namely; Winner Indonesia Fintech Festival (2016), Winner UN Fintech Challenge (2018), and Winner of Inclusive Fintech 50 (2019). For more information, please visit https://www.julo.co.id

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