MCA win big at cricket awards

By Our Reporter

Cricket is a sport for all Australians—be it the natural residents or immigrants.

This year, the Multicultural Communities of Australia (MCA) has won big at cricket awards given by the South Australian Cricket Association and Cricket Australia for its outstanding contributions to community cricket in the country.

From clubs and associations to people, these cricket awards aim at acknowledging the best efforts and outcomes in wider Australian communities.

While MCA has been named the National Winner in the ‘Inclusion and Diversity Initiative Of the Year 2019-20’ category by Cricket Australia, it was named the State Winners in the same category by the South Australian Cricket Association.

Similarly, in the ‘Junior Cricket Initiative Of the Year 2019-20’ category, MCA won big, along with Fitzroy Community Club—National Winner award by Cricket Australia and State Joint Winners by the South Australian Cricket Association.

It may be mentioned here that in September 2019, a collaboration between MCA and Fitzroy Community Club saw the birth of a Junior World Cup tournament, with 120 participants. The event was witnessed by more than 600 people.

MCA, officials said, is leading the way nationally in providing opportunities and quality experiences to best engage with multiple families from many different communities, including more than 850 junior participants and a women’s Super Cricket team.

Thanks to its unwavering support for the game, Under 10 and Under 12 teams were invited to participate in cricket matches, representing India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

This would not have been possible without MCA’s hard-working team, many individuals, groups and organisations from various multicultural communities who showed positivity and dedication  for bringing gender equality, harmony, integration and social cohesion through sports in wider Australian communities, the officials said in a release.

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