A grape-ful season

By Hari Yellina
Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

In spite of the pandemic wreaking havoc on the grape market, the little fruit is holding on

The Egyptian and European trading season of grapes has begun on a commendable note in the European market. After the end of the overseas season, there was hardly any supply left to trade. Moreover, even though many growers of the island cannot provide reasonable prices for their products, Sicily has been available in the market for a month.

In the North American scene, the supply is oscillating between Mexico to California. In fact, San Joaquin Valley has witnessed the harvest of the first grapes. On the contrary, the prices and sales of grapes in China have risen for the first time since 25 June. Moreover, the exports of grapes from India have dropped by a quarter in the nation due to the pandemic. The demand from most countries seems a little dicey at the moment. However, a greater amount of demand is expected in the coming months.

The 2019-20 harvest season has now ceased in Australia. According to the grapevine many growers still have some products for the export market. However, on account of the pandemic, many consumers are searching for cheap varieties rather than option for good quality grapes. This year, the Australian campaign commenced three weeks later than usual due to disturbances in weather conditions. Moreover, the season ended much earlier due to rainfall. Even though year after year the sales have exponentially grown, the total impacts of the coronavirus are unknown till now.

The French market though is currently full of grapes from Latin America, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and France itself. The French grapes that are available are coming from the greenhouses of Southern France; however, the ground grapes will be available within the next 15 days. The Sicilian grapes are commendable in both quality and volume. Furthermore, the grapes have been available four weeks earlier due to the favourable weather conditions in the country. Nonetheless, the demand is still low.

Even though Egypt has suffered through horrible weather conditions, the country’s grape production can still be compared to that of last year. Egypt received its most massive rainfall season during the eleventh week. However, this rainfall had has little to no impact on grape production because all of the fruit was adorned with a plastic cover. Most importantly, the demand for grapes is exceptionally high, mainly because Egypt is now able to ship at a faster rate.

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