Wyndham Council installs stormwater drain taps to reduce pollutants to Port Phillip Bay

By Our Reporter
Port Phillip Bay

Wyndham City Council has installed 20 stormwater drain traps as a cross council collaboration to reduce the pollutants flowing into Port Phillip Bay

There has been an increase in the amount of litter ending up in Port Phillip Bay and there are a number of municipalities around the bay contributing to this issue, including Wyndham.

Environment and Sustainability Portfolio Holder Cr Heather Marcus said that even though Wyndham residents are conscious when it comes to disposing of waste correctly, plastic and other rubbish still manages to find its way into waterways.

“Wyndham City is one of the six councils taking part in the State Government-funded “Let’s Strain the Drains” project, which is delivered by Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Cleanwater Group and Sustainability Victoria,” Cr Marcus said.

Including Wyndham City’s 20 traps, there will be a total of 120 stormwater drain traps installed in stormwater drains across the network flowing into Port Phillip Bay. The traps are like large baskets that capture litter of varying sizes before it enters the stormwater system, and when they are full, the contents will be sorted and counted, so the source and type of pollution can be identified.

“Once we have this information, Wyndham City can work with residents and businesses to see how we can improve our waste disposal, so it doesn’t reach our waterways,” Cr Marcus said.

Chief executive of Tangaroa Blue Foundation Heidi Taylor said the data collected will provide valuable insights that could be used at both local and state government levels to inform strategic plans to tackle litter at the source, so it does not end up on beaches and waterways around Port Phillip Bay.

The audits will be conducted by community volunteers and Tangaroa Blue Foundation is currently seeking individual applications to participate in the auditing sessions which will take place every six weeks starting early November.

Individuals are invited to register their interest to info@tangaroablue.org


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