Melting Pot Luck—the multicultural game show

By Bhushan Salunke

Melting Pot Luck is the new game show that throws teams—drawn from the rich diversity of multicultural Australia—into the cauldron together, live on stage!

Devised by one of Australia’s most multicultural comedians, Sam McCool, and one of Australia’s least multicultural comedians, co-founder of The Chaser Julian Morrow, Melting Pot Luck brings the facts, fiction, myths and legends of the world’s cultures to the boil and spices them up with a healthy serving of TLC—Travel, Language and Culture.

It is a friendly, entertaining game that asks how much we know about ourselves and each other.

Melting Pot Luck is the live show promising to bring racial harmony to Australia using the healing power of game shows.

At a time when the temperature around cultural identity and multiculturalism is rising, Melting Pot Luck is a fresh new take that aims to reframe things in a spirit of open-minded fun. Instead of another serious discussion asking if it’s really possible for everyone to get along, Melting Pot Luck proves we can, every time.

It’s a game where knowledge meets know-how, where your background and adaptability are your best assets, and where the way to win big is for everyone to pull together.

Come one and all to cheer the Indian team participating in the event.

  • Venue: Giant Dwarf Theatre, 199 Cleveland Street, Redfern
  • Date: 16 October
  • Time: 7 pm


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