What is your body shape?

By Swarnali Sikder
Fashion Talk with Swarnali

“Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress you are asserting a part of yourself” — Nina Garcia

As a stylist who is embarking on a fashionable journey, I feel style is something personal and aids to represent the very essence of an individual. I was introduced to the world of fashion at a tender age by my mother who has gracefully managed to confer her sense of fashion on me. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the glamorous world of fashion today.

Putting an ensemble together adds colour to the daily fabric of my life. I have been told by many, especially my husband that the love of my life is probably the mirror I have in my house. I am always looking at myself, putting on outfits, accessorising and admiring myself. And why not? We are about to enter a brand new decade in a few months and this is our time ladies. Admire yourself, be confident in your skin and don’t forget to put a smile on your face, the most fashionable accessory that never goes out of trend. Though I am inclined to follow trends, I like to keep it simple, elegant and chic. No matter what, I always allow ‘Swarnali’ to shine through the assemblage. Fashion is a form of art and I am glad to be an artist.

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. That’s part of what makes us unique. Some of us are curvier, some of us have narrower hips or broader shoulders—we’re all a little bit different from one another.

Some of the most common general categories include:

  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Inverted triangle
  • Hourglass

If your waist measurements are about the same as your hip or bust, and your shoulders and hips are about the same width, you have what’s called a rectangle body type. As a stylist, I will probably point you toward off-shoulder tops, tube dresses, and belted waists.


With this shape, your shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips. You probably have slim arms and a fairly defined waist. Your waist most likely slopes out to your hips. I would recommend you go for dresses that show off the waistline.

Inverted Triangle

With this shape hips are larger than your bust or the rest of your body. You likely have a defined waist. You may also carry some weight in your upper arms and upper thighs. As a stylist, I would advise you wear dresses that have classic “baby doll” cuts or other items with an empire waist.


If your hips and bust are nearly equal in size and you have a well-defined waist that’s narrower than both, you have an hourglass shape. Your legs and upper body are probably considered proportionate. Your shoulders may be slightly rounded, and you most likely have rounded buttocks. Form-fitting or tailored clothing have traditionally been designed with this body type in mind.

In styling, body shape plays a major role as it gives the basic understanding of the person’s structure, enabling the stylist to bring out the best look through our styling knowledge and creativity.



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