Will the fire ever burn out for P3T Daily ROI game?

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A new Dapp built on Tron Blockchain is catching everyone’s attention. You can recoup your initial investment in 30 days, double your money in 60 days and even treble your investments in 90 days. Would you go in to taste the excitement?

Leading crypto Tron has been making news for all the right reasons lately. First, over its take-over of the world’s first peer-to-peer platform BitTorrent. Being in the limelight for a major acquisition Tron has cemented itself as a serious player in the market. A player that’s capable of working on mass adaption of cryptocurrency. Making news now for Tron is a Dapp built on its platform—P3T.

On 19th December last year P3T rolled out its tokens on the Tron Blockchain. P3T promises to give dividends to its holders when gamers move Tron in and out of its platform to play. Currently two game contracts are running on the P3T platform and the Daily Rate of Return game is catching everyone’s attention.

The dividends are paid out every minute and players are able to withdraw their returns any time

This game is a smart contract that allows investors to reap 3.33 per cent returns on the Tron they have invested into the contract. And the developers think this is “forever”—till there’s enough Tron in the contract at least.

The dividends are paid out every minute and players are able to withdraw their returns any time. To play this game, you need a Google Chrome Extension of Tron Link. The minimum amount of Tron needed to play this game is 1 Tron.

Take an example, if an investor wants to invest 10,000 Tron Tokens into the contract, they are returned 333 Tron back every day. This will give the investor the Tron they invested back in 30 days and anything after the 30th day is profit. The original deposit stays in the contract and is never returned.

It’s certain that someday the Tron going into the contract will dry up. But the question is when? Early birds are sure to double or even treble their money. The only question here is no one knows when is early and when is too late.

Since its early days, there’s no sign of the fire burning out. The link to invest in Daily ROI is going viral on social media. In just over a month, the contract has pulled in 10 million Tron into it which is equal to 83 BTC.

Second contract issued by the developer is called World Domination.

Under this contract, the game has 106 countries to be sold. Each time a country is sold, the value of the country goes up by 150%. The previous owner receives 110% of the value. The remaining 25% goes to the Prize pool, 10 per cent goes to all P3T holders and 5% towards admin fees.

To win the game, you need to hit the jackpot and the jackpot is won by the last player who purchases a country when the time expires. Each game lasts for a day. The winner receives 60% of the jackpot pool and the leftover pot goes to seed the next round of the game.

Links to both the live contracts are on their homepage. The P3T developers have kept their game transparent and more and more gamers are testing the waters to experience the excitement. The beauty is P3T is taking gaming outside the gaming community and into the mainstream. Isn’t that what mass adoption is all about?

One can also earn dividends by sharing a masternode link. To activate a masternode on the P3T platform, you need to have at least 50 Tokens

Purchasing P3T tokens incurs an automatic 10% fee and selling these tokens incur a 4% fee. These fees are distributed proportionally to P3T Token holders.

The Hodlers of P3T tokens are rewarded from the constant business that’s generated through innovative games like Daily ROI and World Domination.

One can also earn dividends by sharing a masternode link. To activate a masternode on the P3T platform, you need to have at least 50 Tokens. Referrers earn 33% of the 10% purchase fee incurred by the person they referred.

Note: This is no investment advice. P3T is a game and there are high risks involved. The writer has invested some Tron into the contract and yes the contract spews out Tron every minute. Go in after doing your own research! If you chose to go in, would be great if you can use my referral link: https://bit.ly/2SR4g9z
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