Cricket legends Cummins & Tendulkar join cricket fan club Rario

By Our Reporter
Left: Ankit and Sunny, co-founders of Rario; Right: Sachin Tendulkar // Pics supplied by Rario

Rario, the first marketplace for officially certified digital cricket collectibles, announced its partnership with the captain of Australia in Test and ODI cricket, Pat Cummins to allow fans from around the world to own their digital collectibles exclusively on

Rario, a digital collectibles platform for cricket fans to collect and trade cricket NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), has also recently announced its partnership with legendary Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who joins the platform as a strategic investor.

Cricket is a sport celebrated by millions of Australians and something that is engrained deep in the country’s culture. As the fan base continues to grow, generations will now have the chance to collect their favourite players as digital ‘cards’, including Tendulkar and Cummins, and use them across multiple utilities that follow.

Pat joins Aaron Finch, Faf du Plessi,Quinton de Cock,Rishabh Pant, Virendra Sehwag, Dinesh Kartik, Shakib Al Hasan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Arshdeep Singh, Axar Patel, and many more players for his exclusive NFTs.

Pat Cummins, Australian international cricketer and current captain of Australia in Test and ODI cricket, said, “The past 11 years of my cricket career have been quite memorable ranging from making my debut at the age of 18 to winning the first T20 World Cup for my country. I am looking forward to my partnership with Rario now that fans can enjoy these memorable moments of my cricket career in a way unknown to us before with the introduction of NFTs. Cricket is a game that runs on the love and emotions of fans and this has been the main reason for the rise of cricket across the world. I believe that with the help of the new NFT technology, cricket fandom will only increase and expand in the future.”

“It is exciting to see NFT technology bringing fans closer to sports, giving them an opportunity to treasure their favourite moments”
— Sachin Tendulkar

Ankit Wadhwa, co-founder and CEO of Rario said, “It was in 1996 when I first saw Sachin Tendulkar playing and winning matches for team India. Today, after 26 years, partnering with the God of cricket to build Rario gives me a surreal feeling.

“And now we have Pat Cummins joining us—who’s one of the best cricketing talents Australia has ever produced. Backed by such star cricketers and legends like Sachin, I’m confident that the vision of making cricket fandom more accessible—where stars don’t just appear on screens & fans are active participants in the game—will become a reality with Rario, sooner than we think.”

Sachin Tendulkar said, “Fans are an integral part of any sport. While the on-field action happens for a few hours, fans carry the memories forward and immortalise those moments forever. It is exciting to see NFT technology bringing fans closer to sports, giving them an opportunity to treasure their favourite moments.

“The team at Rario was committed to building a cricket community using technology in a responsible way. I am therefore happy to partner with the team, to launch my digital collectibles exclusively on the Rario platform.”

Nick Hockley, Chief Executive Officer of Cricket Australia said, “We are really excited that Pat Cummins and Sachin Tendulkar will be part of our NFT partnership with Rario. Having the Australian Test and ODI captain as well as one of the most iconic figures in world cricket on the Rario platform will only add to the interest and excitement being created among cricket fans and collectors.”

Since NFTs entered the market, the perspective on digital assets has undergone a radical change. NFTs are a class of digital assets that use blockchain to track asset ownership and transfer. Since its inception, the craze has spread to include all forms of art, media, fashion, and sports. NFTs are rapidly approaching the $50 billion market value of all works of art, with a market value of $40 billion.

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