Four things you need to know about the nbn


As the nbn™ network rolls out across the country, here’s what you need to know before getting connected.

1. What is the nbn?

The nbn network is a Federal Government initiative to replace the existing network that delivers home phone and internet services. In areas where nbn’s fibre network is being introduced, you will need to move your home phone and internet services over to the nbn network if you want them to keep working. As a wholesaler, nbn does not sell directly to the public, so you need to contact a phone or internet provider such as Telstra to move your services over to the nbn network.

2. How do I connect to the nbn network?

Once the nbn network is available in your area, a service provider like Telstra can help you get set up with the broadband and home phone services to suit your needs. Visit your local Telstra Store or contact Telstra on 1800 834 273 to discuss your transition to the nbn network and Telstra’s range of bundle options.

3. What type of modem do I need to connect to the nbn network?

Your service provider will be able to recommend the correct modem, as it will depend on the type of nbn connection available to your premises. All new customers signing up to a Telstra home internet bundle, or existing Telstra customers moving to the nbn network who don’t already have an nbn-compatible modem, will receive a Telstra Smart Modem to help keep you connected throughout your transition. Once plugged in, the modem will connect a home to the internet via the mobile network, without having to wait for the fixed service to be connected. If there’s an interruption to your broadband service, the gateway will automatically switch over to a mobile connection within minutes.

4. What Telstra services are available to me over the nbn network?

Telstra offers a range of services and products including a home phone and internet that works via an nbn connection. An International calling pack from Telstra provides unlimited calls to fixed line and mobiles in selected overseas destinations including India, Bangladesh, UK, Canada and US among others. Telstra also offers unique products to create your connected home including Telstra Smart Home that allows you to automate lighting, appliances and monitor your home when you’re not there by connecting a range of smart devices through a central hub and app. A world of on-demand entertainment content is also available through Telstra TV (which has premium South Asian content on Yupp TV) as well as Foxtel Now.

Head to to look up the nearest store and book an appointment for personalised technical guidance from an advisor.


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