Democracy blockchained, business redefined


Horizon State co-founder Jamie Skella to speak at the IEC Awards on 17 November

Is the ballot destined to be blockchained? Jamie Skella, founder of the Australian-based start-up Horizon State, says it’s, well, on the horizon. Skella’s start-up uses the way cryptocurrency transactions are conducted to reimagine voting, whether in places as small as corporate building or as large as a country. Skella believes that this new world of digitised democracy will bring more transparency and security to the entire polling process. Just last month, there was news that Horizon State is launching the blockchain app on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia to enable direct polling on various local policy issues. Jamie Skella will be the main speaker at this year’s annual IEC Awards to be held on 17th November in Melbourne.

So, while Skella features on the tech side of The Indian Sun this month, we’ve got another mover and shaker on the cover—Vineet Aggarwal, founder of the Cerule Group, who sees more vibrant India-Australia business ties on the horizon. His company, nine years in the business, is one of the preferred and trusted India market entry advisors for many of the global successful businesses operating in India. The time is ripe, he believes, for businesses to blossom in India as the government is promoting the manufacture of products in India; focusing on digitising across the country; building smart cities; sanitation and waste management; and skill-building, which are all areas in which Australian businesses can step in to help.

Another businessman in our issue this month is Kazi Rahman of Harvey Norman Flooring in Sunshine. He talks to us about staying ahead of the competition, especially from the digital world, with his tried and tested never-fail approach—guaranteeing value for money products and excellent customer service. He says it’s what makes Harvey Norman among the best brands in the country.

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