Geocache me if you can 

Geocache me if you can—The modern day treasure hunt comes to Daylesford

The modern day treasure hunt comes to Daylesford

Why is it that so many of us are still drawn to the excitement of a treasure hunt? I remember it beginning for me as a child at Easter time—searching for Easter eggs, the bunny had carefully hidden under the couch and sometimes in the backyard.

In my teens, car rallies became the order of the day, driving around suburbs each team in their own vehicle, following a list of clues until we all met up at the final destination for a bbq or picnic. Then of course petrol prices hiked and that killed the car rallies.

Now there’s a new concept that is taking hold and it’s just out of Melbourne in the beautiful town of Daylesford. Geocaching is a totally new concept using the global positioning system.

Secret Forest Walks, runs these events for families, corporations and friends.

Geocache me if you can—The modern day treasure hunt comes to Daylesford Geocache me if you can—The modern day treasure hunt comes to Daylesford

After meeting with the owner Brendan, you are given a hand-held GPS and a clue sheet. There’s a list of information you provide after you find the clues. The concept isn’t new, I mean IT IS A TREASURE HUNT, but it’s totally engaging and once you get a taste for it, you are really out to challenge yourself as much as you are committed to find the clues. Without finding the clues, then you have a hard time solving the riddle.

All the statistics of the walk are recorded on the GPS so you know how you did. For example I did the treasure hunt that should have been 4.2 km. The fastest time has been 4.4 km. Well, due to a technical hitch—in other words, allowing a male to be in charge we walked 6 km. When I said I wanted to lose weight, I didn’t mean him to take me literally.

The walk takes in the amazing view around Lake Daylesford. You can take as much time as you need. When I couldn’t find the “marker”, I would rope some kids in to assist—they loved the deal.

It’s affordable, educational, fun, healthy and it gets you into the outdoors for a few hours.

Daylesford is renowned for its natural spring water, which is on tap to you freely, at various pumps along the walk. Now that was pretty cool, drinking sparkling mineral water directly from beneath the ground.


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  1. Great that people are discovering this activity but it’s a community that’s been there since 2000 (18 years). I hope that when some of them join the community, they will attend events to understand the language and the proper way of enjoying this activity resulting in fun for all (and not ruining it for some