Volunteers cook up a storm at Moomba parade


Running for more than 60 years in Melbourne, the March Moomba festival is among the biggest annual community events in the city. And one of the biggest highlights of the festival is the Moomba Parade which showcases Victoria’s multiculturalism and strong community bond.

This year’s Moomba queen and king are chef Karen Martini and restaurant owner Guy Grossi.

As with every year, there was a barbeque held to feed the thousands of participants that take part in the Moomba parade. This year Australian India Foundation (AIFI) volunteers and North Melbourne Rotary club joined hands to conduct the barbeque. The task was to feed about 1,500 participants and festival officials within two hours.

Ten of our volunteers and members of North Melbourne Rotary worked from early in the morning till 4 pm on 12 March to complete the task, cooking over 1,000 sausages, 300 veggie patties and 50 kgs of onions.

Moomba is a community celebration, and is all about multiculturalism and embracing Australian values. The barbeque marquee was an example of this successful multicultural society where volunteers from different background came together and worked together.


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