What happens when flute meets lute?

Roderick McLeod and Vinod Prasanna

Find out at the Bansuri-Kora concert at Boite Cafe on 1 April

Bansuri player Vinod Prasanna and Kora maestro Roderick McLeod kept meeting on stage performing with various artistes around Melbourne. During a set break they found out they would be living near each other in the beautiful Yarra Ranges, east of Melbourne.

They are both from vastly different backgrounds. Vinod is from a family of Bansuri flute players with a very long and highly respected lineage. He grew up in the Indian classical music scene. Roderick is a drummer/percussionist who discovered the kora, (the African harp-lute) five years ago. He travelled to Africa to immerse himself in the world of African culture and the mysterious beauty of kora music.

Vinod and Roderick were both intrigued by the combination of the kora and bansuri. Together they began to make blissful, enchanting sounds that captivate listeners, and the idea of a CD was born.

In the third concert of Indian music in the 2017 season, The Boite presents Vinod and Roderick in concert, to launch their beautiful new recording.

D Launch is at 8pm, Saturday, 1 April, at the Boite World Music Cafe, 1 Mark St North Fitzroy. Visit www.boite.com.au for more details.


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