New home, new view




Sudhir Pai’s journey of migration began 15 years ago, when he got the opportunity to hold key leadership roles for Indian IT services in Australia.

Currently the Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini’s financial services business, Sudhir also serves as an adjunct fellow for Internet of Things in Swinburne University. He is also the brain behind setting up Capgemini’s innovation centre in Melbourne.

“When I first got here, the struggle was to find a good place on rent. South Yarra was perfect for family accommodation given its proximity to the city and transport facilities. Also, its library was a hub for the Indian community to meet, which was a good social setting for my family.”

Sudhir says the family adapted easily to their new home. Weekends were spent visiting the Dandenong temple and relishing authentic Indian food.

Over the years, Sudhir has settled into the Australian way of life and his ties to Melbourne grew stronger as he crossed one milestone after another—the birth of his two children, buying his first SUV, then his home. “Regular visits from family, and attending Indian cultural programs keep me in touch with my roots,” says Sudhir, an avid tabla player.


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