Travel stress? Learn to decompress


Take a trip to the edge of the world if you like, just don’t do it on the edge

Is there such a thing? Well apparently it is well documented and many articles have been written on this very topic.  We are all such sensitive creatures, and all of us have our own triggers. Whether it be the build up of getting everything organized for that “big” holiday, or organizing all the minute details, and getting them right, or handling the problems that sometimes crop up along the way, the fact is Travel Stress is real.

So is there a way we can deal with it? There are many strategies out there and it is important we find a modality that fits our schedule, personality and maybe what we believe in from a spiritual perspective.  If you are a “stress head” by nature, then the chances are you will experience travel stress.

How often do you “overpack” for that holiday, lugging around more stuff than you need?  Those backpackers out there understand the meaning of the word minimalistic.  They literally travel for months, with nothing more than a backpack.  How do they do it, when the average person heads out with a couple of suitcases, and all that extra “what if” stuff?

From personal experience, after dragging an overpacked suitcase across the world, I finally ditched half the stuff and settled on a backpack and made everything fit.  And I did it.  Travelling to colder climes meant I had to have more clothing, but I soon discovered there are shops wherever you go.  Sometimes it is easier to buy there than take all those extra sweaters.

Some of us like to have every detail taken care of.  That’s ok and if it makes you happy go with that.  Others like to have more flexibility and plan as they go.  It’s not important, except when you are travelling with someone who has the opposite approach to travel.  Then you may be in trouble.

Tips for avoiding travel stress:

– Get yourself in good health

– Prepare in advance—tickets, passports, immunisation

– If you are someone who suffers from stress, look at things like exercise, yoga, meditation and if you need it—prescribed medication

– Look at holidays that are appropriate to your situation—travelling with kids, types of activities, elderly, you get the picture.

– Take a cruise—I am looking at one of the P&O Cruises

– Unpack once

– No cooking or even thinking about food preparation.


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