Mastering the work-life link




Rahul Trehan is Managing Director at Cross Links International, the largest supplier of equestrian fabrics to the Australian and New Zealand Horse Racing Industry.

He came to Australia in 1988 before the Australian education sector had gotten the popularity it enjoys today.

“I don’t come from a business background. I had done my MBA and then worked for a while before starting my own company.”

Having worked in the manufacturing industry over several years, Rahul has had a front row seat to how the industry has evolved. ‘“It was a lot easier in the early 90s. There was a lot of manufacturing being done here and China had not really started to trade in an international manner. They were more exporters. In the last 6 to 8 years, those suppliers have become retailers and that has changed the nature of the game.”

However, having worked in the import-export industry, he was able to make his business viable by moving some of the more labour intensive aspects of it overseas—first to Malaysia and then India.

He likes it that everything is achievable in Australia—even a work-life balance—as long as you work hard. “It’s a lifestyle where you can pace yourself.”


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