Success cyclone


Seema Kaur Aiden is one of the three finalists in the executive female category for IEC Awards. The winner will be announced on 19th November at a Gala dinner in Sofitel

An area manager with Reliance Real Estate, Seemaa Kaur Aiden is responsible for growing the business in a fast paced competitive environment.

She is a highly respected individual within the real estate industry, and is often referred to as ‘Cyclone Kaur’ because of the speed with which she closes real estate deals.

Seemaa started her real estate career in 2015 and has been a consistent performer in the company achieving revenue of millions till date. She is the only agent in the Point Cook area to have sold houses worth millions in less than two hours, a feat that’s extraordinary and commendable.

A wife and mother of two boys aged 6 and 10 she enjoys spending quality time with family and treads the delicate balance between home and work perfectly.

Her USP is that she leaves no stone unturned to match buyers, depending on their needs to properties she has in her portfolio.

With an excellent reputation for nurturing clients, she continues to assist them in buying and selling property, as well as managing her team. At Reliance, she has one of the highest number of repeat clients and has a strong word of mouth promotion in the market due to her excellent people management skills.

Seemaa is active in the local community and participates in the welfare activities of the local gurudwara. Seemaa has enlightened the Reliance team with her dedication towards the community—every month she contributes 2 per cent of her sales commission towards the Reliance Foundation.


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