On the rev to success


Jaydeep Solanki is one of the three finalists in the executive male category for IEC Awards. The winner will be announced on 19th November at a Gala dinner in Sofitel

Jayadeep Solanki, General Motors Holden’s Director of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, is responsible for managing annual $1 billion+ procurement of all parts, material and services for vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing operations in Australia.

He joined General Motors India in 1997 after completing his computer engineering and MBA degrees from M S University in Baroda, Gujarat, and through sheer dedication and focus on making a difference, quickly rose in the ranks, and headed large scale IT projects in GM India and Thailand, before being transferred to Australia in 2001, to manage the IT program for then-new engine plant in Port Melbourne. He instantly fell in love with Melbourne’s vibrant culture, community spirit and cafes.

Jayadeep says his travel experiences around the world gave him a good perspective about life in various developed countries. “I admired the warmth of Australian community towards a new migrant like me in Middle Park, where I started my life in a small rented apartment with my wife.  I loved the small community events in area, and appreciate how everyone cared about their communities,” says Jayadeep.

Driven—since childhood—by a strong desire to make a difference in this world, whether at school as school captain, or at college as elected student leader or at General Motors (his first and only employer) in India, Jayadeep maintained that focus to make difference at work and in his community.  “After arriving in Australia, I learned to adapt my style of working with people, I learned to appreciate other people’s view at work and in society without judging people and many other aspects of life in Australia that is different from India where foundation of my work style was built,” he adds.

He believes that multicultural Australia is the way to find success as a nation. “Our diversity has to be our strength.  It is important everyone works hard to maintain and strengthens our culture and values. Middle Park reminds and inspires me to embrace this wonderful spirit of Australia.”


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