Can labor party withstand onslaught?


Labor Party is now all but occupied in its own troubles. As Julia Gillard braces up for toughest week, one of the senior ministers has stated that the only certain effect of the Kevin Rudd’s ‘revenge mission’ has been to send ALP’s stock into basement thereby guaranteeing that Tony Abbott is having fair chances of winning the election.

Julia Gillard camp’s evaluation of the impact of the ‘leadership tensions’ divulges that it wants to leave no chance as who is to blame for the destabilization, as the gloves come off before the final sitting week of Parliament.

Pressure is intensifying on the former Prime Minister to back up his camp’s faux campaign with a formal challenge as the MPs on the both sides of stand-off have realized that even Julia Gillard will not give in.

Gillard’s camp, which includes the whole ministry, maintains that it is up to Mr Rudd to make a move if he has the numbers.

Kevin Rudd is blamed to have played a part in the falling popularity of the Julia Gillard’s government. Neither side is clear if the stand-off will lead to another leadership ballot this week. As the disapproving stalemate enters in the last days of the 43rd Parliament, an anxious agreement is emerging that it will be up to Mr Rudd to force a spill representing support in the 102 member assembly.

However on Monday, Julia Gillard has affirmed that she is absolutely confident of her caucus majority.
The Liberal Advisor has claimed that Mr Rudd’s rating has slipped from earlier highs, though he affirmed that he is still more popular than Gillard.

Even Mr. Tony Abbott has stated that the Australian people are ‘sick of the plotting inside the Parliamentary triangle’, adding that with the change in leadership of the Labor party nothing would improve. Citing he has stated that it will be the same government with moreover the same policies which ultimately will lead to more debt, more taxes and more boats.

Where the complexities are growing on the leadership front, the Indian community leaders share their opinions on the ongoing situation:

Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk, Liberal Party Leader

This is the worst government in history. It is like history is repeating itself only after 3 years. Earlier Julia Gillard back stabbed him and got the leadership, now he is reciprocating the same. They are not concerned about the people, debts, future of the country; on the contrary they are playing such foul plays for their own benefits. It is all about power grabbing.
Labor party lacks intellectuals, as most of the people are from the unions and now they have brought forward the same union culture to the parliament.

Harish Velji, Chairperson of subcontinent Friends of Labor

There are few reasons which have led to the present situation. Firstly Gillard is a woman and secondly the media is proactively campaigning against the Gillard Government. Many leaders from the Labor party as well as from outside have not accepted the change in leadership, which took place 3 years back. There are many who are unhappy with the reason which ultimately leads to change in leadership.
I would say that Gillard government has been the best government so far. Labor party has been able to get the maximum bills passed under Gaillard’s leadership. Her achievements are phenomenal, but she is not very strong in communication and there she lacks. Even the government is dependent on five independent, so many such factors have lead to the present crisis in government.

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