Nicholas Reece sworn in as Melbourne’s 105th Lord Mayor

By Our Reporter
Nicholas Reece // Pic courtesy X Nicholas Reece // @Nicholas_Reece

Nicholas Reece, a longstanding City of Melbourne councillor, has been sworn in today as the 105th Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

Reece, elected as a Councillor in 2016 and serving as Deputy Lord Mayor since late 2020, has been instrumental in driving Melbourne’s recovery from the pandemic.

“Melbourne is not only Australia’s largest and fastest-growing city but also the world’s best and fairest. I am committed to delivering essential services and infrastructure that our community deserves,” said Reece.

Under his leadership, the City of Melbourne boasts the nation’s fastest-growing population rate among Local Government Areas, the lowest retail vacancy rate of any capital city, and a robust pipeline of city-defining infrastructure projects.

As deputy lead of the Finance portfolio, Reece played a pivotal role in returning the Council to surplus for the first time in five years. Leading the Planning portfolio, he has overseen the approval of 20,000 new homes, introduced policies to elevate architectural and design standards citywide, and implemented stringent sustainability criteria for buildings.

Reece brings a wealth of experience from the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, with a career spanning roles as a councillor, lawyer, journalist, public servant, university leader, and contributions to Movember and The Big Issue.

Residing in Carlton with his wife and three daughters, Reece is a passionate supporter of the Carlton Football Club.

He will continue to serve until Council elections in October this year.

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