Monash University and Tata Steel partner for sustainable innovation centre

By Our Reporter
Partnership to establish Innovation Centre focused on decarbonisation and advanced manufacturing technologies. Photo courtesy Monash University

Monash University and Tata Steel have joined forces to establish a Centre for Innovation on Environment and Intelligent Manufacturing. This initiative, aimed at addressing global challenges such as decarbonisation, sustainable resource recovery, and smart manufacturing, marks a significant step in international collaboration.

Leveraging Monash University’s expertise in materials science and advanced manufacturing, the partnership represents Tata Steel’s first major research and development collaboration with an Australian institution. This union is set to strengthen ties between Australia and India, creating educational and professional opportunities for students and academics, and facilitating a vibrant exchange of knowledge and talent.

Professor Doron Ben-Meir, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise and Engagement) at Monash University, highlighted the importance of this collaboration in transforming industry-focused research into practical solutions. He expressed enthusiasm about working with Tata Steel to drive advancements in material science and chemical processes.

Professor Mainak Majumder, Director of the ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacturing with 2D Materials at Monash Engineering, emphasized the strategic alignment of the Centre for Innovation with their mission to make a global impact with Australian-born science and technology.

T. V. Narendran, CEO & Managing Director of Tata Steel, underscored India’s significant role in the global steel industry. He pointed out that Tata Steel is committed to leading the shift towards sustainable manufacturing practices, involving partners from academia and startups. The collaboration with Monash University, renowned for its material science research and ability to scale innovations, is a key component of Tata Steel’s ecosystem aimed at achieving sustainability goals.

As Tata Steel continues its decarbonisation journey, it is actively seeking innovative methods to meet sustainability objectives through research, technological innovations, and partnerships. The recent agreements with Imperial College London and The Henry Royce Institute to set up Centres of Innovation in the UK further exemplify Tata Steel’s commitment to sustainable design, manufacturing, and advanced materials.

Monash University’s enterprise activities enhance the impact of research and education by fostering collaborations that translate groundbreaking research into commercial opportunities. This new Centre for Innovation is poised to make significant contributions to sustainable manufacturing and technological advancements, benefiting both people and the planet.

Tata Steel, with its extensive global operations and commitment to sustainability, aims to achieve Net Zero by 2045. Its Jamshedpur Plant is India’s first site to receive ResponsibleSteel Certification, demonstrating Tata Steel’s dedication to responsible manufacturing practices.

The partnership between Monash University and Tata Steel signals a promising future for sustainable manufacturing, driven by innovation and collaborative efforts across borders.

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