SA’s new migration deal: 2,000 positions open, red tape-free

By Our Reporter
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In a move to address skill shortages and streamline the recruitment process for businesses, the Albanese Labor Government has forged a migration agreement with the Malinauskas Labor Government in South Australia. The agreement aims to facilitate the entry of workers into the state, focusing on both regional and metropolitan areas.

Under this initiative, up to 2,000 positions will be made available for regional employers outside Adelaide, catering to critical sectors such as healthcare, education, and trades. This strategic move is expected to alleviate workforce shortages and enhance service delivery in regional communities.

In Adelaide, the agreement will specifically target the tech industry, making it easier for businesses to recruit skilled workers. By fostering growth and innovation in the tech sector, the government aims to bolster the local economy and create more job opportunities for South Australians.

Moreover, the Albanese Labor Government is committed to reducing red tape for employers by expanding the list of eligible occupations and simplifying administrative processes. This includes adding roles like bricklayers and construction workers to the list of jobs covered by the agreement, an official statement from the office of Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles, said.

Giles emphasised the significance of this initiative in revitalising the migration system. He stated, “We’ve turned the page on this wasted decade by making our system easier, better, and fairer for South Australians.”

Echoing these sentiments, South Australia Deputy Premier, Susan Close, highlighted the demand for skilled workers in regional areas, particularly in health, aged care, and education. She emphasised the crucial role that migrants will play in addressing workforce gaps and supporting essential services in regional communities.

The collaboration between the Albanese and Malinauskas Governments underscores a commitment to ensuring migrant workers’ safety, fair pay, and proper working conditions. By working together, both governments aim to create a migration system that serves the best interests of South Australians.

The migration agreement heralds a new era of cooperation and progress, positioning South Australia as an attractive destination for skilled workers and fostering economic growth across the state.

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