Young cricket prodigy Kaya Kumar makes history

By Our Reporter
Kaya Kumar // Pic supplied

Eleven-year-old Kaya Kumar from Parramatta, Sydney, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the world of cricket. She has become the highest run-getter in the history of Junior Girls Rep/District Cricket, including U-15, after scoring 399 runs at an average of 99.75 in nine rep matches this season.

Additionally, she has taken over 90 wickets.

In the past, Kaya’s exceptional performance had garnered attention from cricket enthusiasts worldwide, including former Australian cricketer Ian Healy, who praised her talent and dedication.

In addition to her achievements on the pitch, Kaya has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills. Last year, she was appointed as captain of the Sydney West team, leading them to a historic victory at the State Championship. Kaya emerged as the highest wicket-taker during the Grand Finals and played a pivotal role in securing the team’s first-ever title that year.

Furthermore, Kaya’s talents extend beyond representative cricket. She was selected to represent the U12 NSW state team and appointed as Vice-Captain for the National Championship held in Darwin. Despite her young age, Kaya showcased maturity and skill on the field, contributing significantly to her team’s success.

With her impressive achievements and unwavering determination, Kaya Kumar has emerged as a role model for young cricketers everywhere, inspiring a new generation of talent in the sport.

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