Dharmini Chauhan dominates at National Indigenous Cricket Championships

By Our Reporter
Behind Chauhan's success is a lifetime of dedication to cricket, a passion she inherited from her father, Nilesh Chauhan

Stepping onto the field at the National Indigenous Cricket Championships (NICC) in Alice Springs, Dharmini Chauhan, a 22-year-old Wiradjuri woman and the opening batter for the New South Wales (NSW) women’s team, had set her sights on enjoying the game and bonding with her teammates. Little did she know, this tournament was about to mark a significant chapter in her burgeoning cricket career.

Chauhan, who had to skip three editions of the NICC due to Covid-19 restrictions and work commitments, made a triumphant return this year. On 26 February, she not only led her team to victory against Queensland with a stellar performance of 63 runs off 51 balls but also etched her name into the NICC records. Her remarkable achievements throughout the series earned her four out of the five individual awards in the women’s category, including Player of the Series, Player of the Finals, Most Wickets, and Most Runs.

Behind Chauhan’s success is a lifetime of dedication to cricket, a passion she inherited from her father, Nilesh Chauhan. Born to an Indian-origin father who played cricket in England before migrating to Australia in 1997, Dharmini was introduced to the sport at a young age. Her journey began with Cricket Blast at the age of six, and by nine, she was already competing in under-10 teams for the Wollongong District Cricket Club (WDCC). Her commitment saw her traveling to Sydney to play for prestigious clubs such as Campbelltown, Parramatta, and Bankstown Sports, with her parents alternately driving her from Wollongong for every match.

Behind Chauhan’s success is a lifetime of dedication to cricket, a passion she inherited from her father, Nilesh Chauhan

Chauhan’s talent shone early as she was selected to play for the under-15 NSW Country team in Tasmania at just 13. By 16, she had made it to the first Australian Indigenous women’s team that toured the UK in 2018 and was also part of the NSW Metro side. Her cricketing prowess was further highlighted in a Cricket Australia advertisement featuring stars like Ash Gardner, Ellyse Perry, and Nathan Lyon.

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This year, Chauhan’s performance at the NICC and her exceptional club season with Bankstown Sports Cricket Club, where she scored several hundreds, underscore the incredible talent and dedication she brings to the field. For Chauhan, cricket is more than just a game—it’s about the joy of playing and the camaraderie with teammates that feels like family. The accolades, while remarkable, are a testament to her love for the game and a sign of the incredible impact she continues to make in the world of cricket.

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