Spice of sound: when Chai Met Toast brews up an Australian tour

By Our Reporter
When Chai Met Toast: Ashwin Gopakumar on vocals, Achyuth Jaigopal on guitar, Palee Francis on keyboard, and Pai Sailesh on drums // Pic supplied

When Chai Met Toast, a band from India, is gearing up for an electrifying tour across Australia, set to dazzle audiences in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney with their eclectic fusion of folk-pop, indie, and alternative rock. The band’s vibrant and multilingual performances promise to offer Australian fans a taste of their dynamic soundscapes that have already captivated global audiences.

The band’s journey to international acclaim is a story of remarkable achievements, including headlining major festivals in India and dazzling audiences at significant events like the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix 2022 and Expo 2020 Dubai. Their overseas ventures have seen them performing to sold-out crowds in the UK, Ireland, and the US, gracing iconic stages such as London’s The Garage and New York’s Sultan Room. Back home in India, their recent tour was a record-breaking success, selling over 12,000 tickets across eight cities, an unprecedented feat for an Indian English artist.

When Chai Met Toast // Pic supplied

When Chai Met Toast, formed in 2016, quickly rose to prominence with their debut EP Joy of Little Things. The band’s lineup, featuring Ashwin Gopakumar on vocals, Achyuth Jaigopal on guitar, Palee Francis on keyboard, and Pai Sailesh on drums, has crafted a unique sound palette that blends acoustic folk instruments with captivating songwriting. Their music resonates deeply with audiences worldwide, thanks to its authentic and heartfelt compositions.

When Chai Met Toast logo art // Pic supplied

The release of their 2018 EP Believe, highlighted by the hit ‘Khoj (Passing By)’, received widespread praise and marked a significant milestone in their artistic journey. This was followed by the full-length album When We Feel Young in 2021, showcasing a creative evolution with the introduction of electric guitars and synths, while still holding true to their folk roots. Their third EP, LYTS, recorded in London with producer Richard Wilkinson, solidified their status as India’s most streamed English band.

The upcoming Australian tour of When Chai Met Toast is not just a series of concerts; it’s an opportunity for Australian audiences to experience the vibrant and soul-stirring music that has made this band a beloved name in the international music scene. With their unique blend of genres and heartfelt melodies, the band is all set to leave an indelible mark on the Australian music landscape.

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