A star is born: Vivek Ramaswamy, new contender for Presidential nomination

By Sridhar Subramaniam
Forbes front page // Pic supplied

Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy is one of the front runners for the GOP (Grand Old Party) (read Republican Party) Presidential Nomination to contest against the incumbent President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party in 2024. He is in the fray, with Donald Trump leading the pack and the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. And he is forging ahead!

Vivek Ramaswamy is 38 and is the youngest person ever to file for Presidential Nomination.

The sound bites from Vivek are refreshingly different from that of other contenders thus far. Many set out to clean the swamp earlier (as Washington is called) but have met with varying degrees of success or no success at all. The status quo continues. This young man is offering solutions and delineates point by point what he will do if he assumes office. His fixes are nothing short of revolutionary (in the sense that it is a comprehensive solution eliminating the problem altogether) rather than adopt the same half baked, piece meal approach which gives a feeling that nothing has changed.

He is the son of immigrants. His parents come from a conservative background and are from Vadakkancherry in Kerala, India. He is a vegetarian and a Hindu. When an interviewer in one of the channels asked him if his being a Hindu will work against him, he quipped that he was not running for the office of Pastor in Chief but was running for the office of the Commander in Chief. A spontaneous reply that went well with his followers. He said he believes that it is faith that ultimately matters, and he is living as per Judeo Christian Values. America was founded on Christian Values, and he believes in One God.

The reason everyone becomes starry eyed is because the great American Dream is a distinct possibility. If America can elect a Barack Obama, there is a strong chance that Vivek Ramaswamy can also be catapulted to power and can become the POTUS.

Vivek is a highly qualified candidate with a bachelor’s degree in biology in Harvard and Juris Doctor from Yale Law School. His fundamentals are strong, and he is equipped to take bull by its horns. Vivek worked as an investment partner in a hedge fund before founding a biotech company Roivant Sciences. Forbes estimates his net worth to be $630 million. His wealth comes from Biotech & Financial business. In terms of credentials, he is eminently qualified as he has achieved so much at such a tender age. The success principles can be replicated in the political arena too.

Vivek Ramaswamy // Pic supplied

While campaigning Vivek calls himself an unabashed American Nationalist and has maintained the decorum by not resorting to personal attacks on other candidates in the fray.

He is running a highly visible campaign and not missing a single opportunity of conveying who he is, what he stands for and why he is the contest, in the first place. He is on a mission mode to make America great again. He opines that if we keep going the same way we may not be able to bequeath a future to his children and the other kids of their generation. Coming from a millennial it is a powerful impact statement.

Vivek rose to prominence in American conservative circles as an anti-woke activist. He started his campaigning and fired the first salvo claiming that the US is in the middle of national identity crisis which according to him is precipitated by new secular religions like woke-ism, climate-ism, covid-ism and gender ideology. He is also strong critic of the ESG initiatives.

He is a prolific writer and has written books titled Nation of Victims, Woke Inc and Capitalist Punishment.

In TV debates, he comes across as a charismatic and suave young man confident of himself and puts forth his views eloquently. He is endowed with the gift of the gab and epitomises the Descartes philosophy of “Cogito, ergo sum”—I think; therefore, I am!

Several people believe that Vivek has to be given a chance and with each passing day Vivek in the course of his whistlestop tour is reinforcing the belief that he will indeed make a difference if he dons the mantle.

It is my conviction that America needs a leader like Vivek, with his perspicacity of outlook, worldview, and a courage of conviction to steer it in the right direction during these turbulent times.

A “Reaganesque” revival with a strong Vivek imprint is what we can expect if he is heralded to power.

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