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An employer may be obliged to conduct a police check where there is a legal requirement that an employee or job applicant should not have a certain criminal record.

Thanks to its data-matching program, the Department of Home Affairs can simply crosscheck the STP information being lodged to the ATO—including name, date of birth, earnings, and hours worked—against the work rights and restrictions of visa holders.

Since police check, background clearance and rights to work are an important part of your hiring process—AuthNTick could be of interest to you.

If the system flags someone in breach of their conditions—for example, they’re on a student visa and working more than 40 hours a fortnight—it could result in Fair Work inspectors investigating your business.

AuthNTick has an Australian wide network and we specialising in Workers Right Check and National Police Check for your employees, casual staff and contractors in Australia.

We can also integrate our National Police Check on your systems so that your HR manager can order check for anyone in your company.

✔️ Why AuthNTick

  • We offer comprehensive security and privacy
  • Fast and quick results
  • Compliance to your audit standards
  • Our technology platform has been developed to comply with Australian government data security requirements and protects the privacy of individuals. All our data is stored in Australia.

✔️ Police Checks AuthNTick Offer?

  • Aged Care Staff/Volunteers
  • Aged Care Key Personnel
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission – ASIC Employee
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Financial Licensing
  • AUSTRAC Employee/Consultant
  • Care of Intellectually Disabled Persons
  • Care, Instruction or Supervision of Children
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority – ASSC
  • Employee with Access to Secret or Top Secret Information
  • Immigration Detention Centre Employment
  • Immigration/Citizenship – Australia
  • Law Enforcement/Intelligence or Security Agency Employee/Consultant
  • Overseas Visa – Supply to a Country other than Australia
  • Superannuation Trustee/Custodian/Investment manager
  • Care, Instruction or Supervision of Children/ Care of Disabled Persons/Aged Care Staff/Volunteers
  • Other Commonwealth Purpose ONLY
  • Overseas Employment – General Employment
  • Overseas Employment – Aged/Disabled care
  • Overseas Employment – Teaching
  • Overseas Employment – Working with Children
  • Overseas Employment – Nursing, Hospital Employment

✔️ AFP / Police Check AuthNTick Offers?

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