Bira 91 Summer Lager—Always Summer

By Our Reporter

The promise of a relaxing summer of socialising, laughter and freedom is the subject of award-winning craft beer brand, Bira 91’s original music video. Designed to launch the ‘Always Summer’ campaign and promote their refreshing Summer Lager, the film highlights the challenges experienced by young people in 2020 and the innovative adaptations made by people to stay connected in tumultuous times. Bira Summer Lager is shown to bring people together with a sense of positivity, hope and the message that ‘the summer we know will be back again’. True to their mission statement and vision of engaging with local artists and the community, Bira 91 has collaborated with youth media company and creative agency, Homegrown India to produce the film. Created to showcase and redefine India’s dynamic youth culture, Homegrown India is fast becoming one of the most influential publications in the media. The film features the catchy and thought-provoking song, ‘Kho Jaane Do’ by renowned musician, Prakteek Kuhad. In a recent interview, VP of Marketing at Bira 91 Deepak Sinha reveals that the inspiration for the film came from the stories that “poured in from (the) community” during the period of tight restrictions that saw people working from home and spending a great deal of time indoors. The music video showcases the precious moments and small celebrations that people had “with Bira Summer Lager by their side” and highlights the opportunities it provided for coming together and overcoming adversity. Friends stay in touch using new technology, couples reconnect in quiet moments and people take up new hobbies—from table tennis to dancing in the living room. A sense of joy reverberates as people discover what is possible when they think creatively.

As the song reaches its crescendo, the sun emerges from behind a cloud and instils feelings of wonder and hope: with Bira 91, it is always summer and because of collective hard work, we will be able to enjoy our beers outdoors again very soon. Director, Aneesh Malankar successfully captures the essence of Bira 91—it is relaxed and refreshing, and this song is destined to be the soundtrack of our summer.

Bira’s Summer Blonde Lager is sparkling, fresh and vibrant with a crisp finish. Crafted with premium two-row barley, it attains a delicate balance of bitterness and dryness, making it the ideal accompaniment for spicy, flavoursome meals. The Summer Lager pours clean with a rich, warm hue and summery citrus, melon and passionfruit aromas. It is easy drinking and the perfect choice for a long afternoon session with an ABV of 4.5%.

Dan Murphy’s stocks Bira 91’s Blonde Summer Lager in classic 330mL bottles. It is readily available at your local store or via click and collect. They also offer the convenience of same-day delivery which is incredibly helpful in these uncertain times. Sit back and relax with a Summer Lager as the sun shines and we look forward to what 2021 has to offer!

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